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I saw this code that ZachSaucier made. In my use case, I want to make sure that the background image always starts from the center. So in this example: instead the image starts with the head, it should start with 'the batman' title because that's the middle of the image.
How can I achieve this?


See the Pen LYJGYXE by indy-meermans (@indy-meermans) on CodePen

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What I would do is disable ScrollTrigger while debugging this and focus on the line section.bg.style.backgroundPosition, you said you want it to be in the middle, so focus on that line of code and place the image at the position you want.


Then enable the ScrollTrigger animation again and tweak the end position to your liking. Hope it helps and happy tweening! 


See the Pen YzOwXwj by mvaneijgen (@mvaneijgen) on CodePen

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