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Mattes test
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This is more a Canvas related question than a GSAP one. After a simple inspection of the drawImage method:



I think this might be a good approach:

function update() {
  const frame = frames[logo4net.frame];
  const f = frame.frame;
  const s = frame.spriteSourceSize;
  const x = logo4net.x + s.x;
  const y = logo4net.y + s.y;
  context.clearRect(0, 0, vw, vh);
  context.globalAlpha = logo4net.alpha;
  context.translate(cx, cy);
  context.scale(logo4net.scale, logo4net.scale);
  context.drawImage(sprite, f.x, f.y, f.w, f.h, x/2, y/2, f.w/2, f.h/2);

You'll have to play with this a bit and see if you reach a point where this works as you expect. Maybe create a boolean for large/small screen and based on that either use the full value or half value using a window resize event handler.


Hopefully this helps.

Happy Tweening!

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