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Problem with animation not triggering at all

weinde test
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I would like some help with my problem. I'm trying to create a percent counter animation that triggers when that section comes into view... I am for now getting  Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'undefined') error.


What am I doing wrong?

See the Pen ExppaJa by Weindorfer (@Weindorfer) on CodePen

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Hello weinde,


you are calling a function without passing any of the parameters neccessary for that function's logic to be processed, that's why you get that error.


But also, nowhere does your code include anything related to GSAP, except for you registering the ScrollTrigger plugin.


These forums try to stay focussed on GSAP specififc questions. If you have any of those, we'll be happy to help, but we can not provide general JavaScript or in your case also jQuery consulting.


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