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tweenmax.to() VS gsap.to()

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i am an absolute newbie to GSAP. i was watching a tutorial and in that it uses tweenLite.to ()  . On the otherhand other video user


Now i am confused... as i guess both do some animations. right?? 

please help.


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Yes, both do animations. 


TweenLite is just an older version. Before GSAP3, which uses the gsap.to() syntax, there were different 'packages' like TweenLite, TweenMax, TimelineLite and TimelineMax, that had different feature-sets with different file-sizes, so you could choose a smaller 'package' if you didn't need all of the features and wanted to save some kb.

That changed with GSAP3 - it now has all the features in the core and was optimized with regard to the kb quite a bit.


If you don't depend on older versions because they are deeply rooted in older projects of yours, it's always best to use the latest version.


Here's a link to the migration guide, in case you want to update some of those cases you saw in the videos to the newer syntax.


Welcome to the GSAP forum, happy learning and happy tweening!


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