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Scroll Trigger: Invalid Property x set to 3.57 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()

Chinmay Tiwari test
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I am facing "Invalid Property x set to 3.57 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" and "Invalid property section set to 0 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" in the console. I came much further in the project but now I am facing this issue. Please Help!! 
import {gsap} from "gsap"
import {ScrollTrigger} from 'gsap/ScrollTrigger'
const setupAnimation = ( ) =>{
    camera.position.x = 25.7;
    ScrollTrigger.matchMedia( {"(prefers-reduced-motion: no-preference)":desktopAnimation})
const desktopAnimation = ()=>{
    let section = 0
    const tl = new gsap.timeline({
        default : {
            duration: 1,
            ease: "power2.inOut"
        scrollTrigger: {
            trigger: ".page",
            start :  "top top",
            end: "bottom bottom",
            scrub: 0.1,
            markers: true
    console.log("ScrollTrigger", ScrollTrigger)
    tl.to(  camera.position.x,{
        x: 3.57,


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