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Scrolltrigger (pin section issues)

digitalfrci test
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Hello @digitalfrci


It sure is possible, but you would have to wrap all the content that could be visible at any point and pin that wrapper instead.


See the Pen yLveMJm by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen




Also, if you are going to have ScrollTriggers on other elements within that wrapper, you would then have to set the pinnedContainer property on those subsequent ScrollTriggers to have their positions be calculated where you'd expect them to be. I hope that will help - happy scrolling!


pinnedContainer Element | String - If your ScrollTrigger's trigger/endTrigger element is INSIDE an element that gets pinned by another ScrollTrigger (pretty uncommon), that would cause the start/end positions to be thrown off by however long that pin lasts, so you can set the pinnedContainer to that parent/container element to have ScrollTrigger calculate those offsets accordingly. Again, this is very rarely needed. (added in 3.7.0)


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