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ScrollSmoother divs seem to get separated a little bit.

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Hi everyone!


I've been looking for a good way to make my websites scroll smoothly, and I'm very happy that Gsap made this possible!


I added the scrollsmoother to my page and it scrolls very smoothly indeed. Only I noticed that when mij body background is white and de backgrounds of some sections that are stacked on top of each other are black (or just a different color then the body), the sections seem to be sepperated a little by the smoothscroll, creating a border like white line. 


I added a CodePen to demonstrate.


When is was making the Pen, and tested if I got the same white line, i noticed it doesn't show on my MacBook, only on my desktop on all browsers. So it might have something to do with te Framerate of my monitors. I really hope it doesn't cause I have to assume my website visitors use even worse monitors than I do.



Hope someone out there can help me out!


See the Pen GRyQeZE by REDDSTONE (@REDDSTONE) on CodePen

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