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3d lettering without webgl

Dennyno test
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even is not the best animating text shadows, is there any way to achieve something like the letter A which they made here:
https://advanced.team/ (in this case they used webgl) using only css // or svg?

I tried adding a mousemove parallax, but seems "too fake" as shadows are fixed. (Looking at the single letter demo)

Guess there's any math magic 🍀

I did also another attempt here too, combining text and a card, changin values.. and trying changin the shadow on mousemove too, but no luck as the math behind is not smooth .

See the Pen ZEavOZZ by DedaloD (@DedaloD) on CodePen

See the Pen Rwjxoxm by DedaloD (@DedaloD) on CodePen

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I think faking 3D with shadows will be hard because of the perspective. But I'm sure someone has done similar to that before on CodePen. When I need to see how an effect is done, CodePen is always the first place I search.


4 hours ago, Dennyno said:

(in this case they used webgl) using only css // or svg?


So when you are going to learn WebGL? 😉


I'm not saying it will be easy, but it is definitely worth it. It opens up whole new world of animation possibilities.


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