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Draggable Multiple Instance Not Working

Alp test
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I want to add path when I click the ADD PATH button but draggable motion always working just for last created one. 


Please, try to add 2 paths with the add button and try to drag old one. You can see the problem.


Can you help me?





See the Pen yLPPMOB by alpbla (@alpbla) on CodePen

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1 hour ago, OSUblake said:

Hi Alp,


It works, the problem is that you are placing a brand new SVG on top of the old one, so the new one is blocking the events to old. You would need to place new paths inside the same SVG to prevent that.

Hello , Thank you for fast reply, I solved the issue. Firstly, I created a main svg container then instead of using html string, I used d3.js to dynamically append circles and path. It works :)


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