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Help Needed to dynamically calculate container widths

pietM test
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Thanks for taking a look @warkentien2

I really appreciate. 


The container can remain at 100vw, but I want individual slides to have "auto" widths. Because each slide is set with an "absolute" position, I can't get the flex to distribute the slides without compromises to the slider functionality.


Does that make sense?  


Here's a non-GSAP example for reference. 


See the Pen 0b47c43127aebcc42a7cd6a674a93882 by evryali (@evryali) on CodePen


Basically, I want to keep all of the functions in the GSAP slider in the first post, but apply it to a container with images of varying widths. 

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I understand now.

Sliders are tricky. There are plenty of working sliders with this feature.
E.g.: Slick see "Variable Width."

If you're making your own slider, you might wan't to make it draggable, scrollable, scrollable with "snap into center", and with arrow and dot navigation. Depending on your needs the approach will be different. And it'll take a couple of days to get it just right.

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