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SplitText issue with splitting and animating lines that contain <strong></strong> tags

mattiasdominguez test
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Hi all,

I'm having some trouble with animating lines that are split with the SplitText plugin and contain <strong></strong> tags. I'm probably doing something wrong in the splitting context but can't seem to figure out what exactly I should do to prevent or improve this.

In this screenshot (https://share.getcloudapp.com/GGuE2bzO) and the codepen you'll see that a line that contains <strong></strong> tag doesn't get split / wrapped like it should.


The desired effect I'm after is that the lines fade in from the bottom up within a line container that's on overflow:hidden; like on like on outhere-music.com (view screenshot) and nieuwbergen.com when you scroll down and see this => https://share.getcloudapp.com/Wnuql58O


Thanks a million for your help and guidance, any tips on how to get a more smooth effect are obviously welcome!!

See the Pen RwLORvB by mdominguez (@mdominguez) on CodePen

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Hi mattias,


I'm not seeing any issues, but you should always make sure your fonts are loaded before splitting your text.



And for <strong>, you should try setting it to inline-block.



I'm also unsure of what you're trying to do here. Those are supposed to be class names, not CSS properties. 


linesClass: 'overflow-hidden',
      wordsClass: 'inline-block'


And to improve performance, try adding will-change: transform in your CSS to the elements you are animating.

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