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ScrollTrigger + asScroll + Nuxt.js

Bogdan Kostyuk test
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Hi Bogdan,


Children are mounted before their parent, so ASScroll is created last, but it needs to be created before any other ScrollTriggers, so you're going to need to find a way to create ASScroll first, so you shouldn't be using mounted for any of your ScrollTriggers. You might need to get a little creative, like using events, provide/inject, or an event bus. And you will probably also have to change the pinType on any ScrollTriggers you pin.


Beyond that, ASScroll is a third-party, so can't really offer much more in support.




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7 hours ago, Bogdan Kostyuk said:

But why smooth scroller needed to be initialized firstly?


Notice when you setup the scrollerProxy that it changes the default scroller. So any ScrollTriggers created before that would be using the wrong scroller.


  scroller: asscroll.containerElement,


GreenSock | Docs | Plugins | ScrollTrigger | static.defaults()


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