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Text left side and Right side pinned element

Androlax test
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I did a little animations for a website.


As you can see in the codepen



The animation on the building works pretty well I guess (If you have any idea on how to do it better, don't hesitate)


My only problem is the text on the side. It is a long text anyway, If I pin it, it will not be really good I guess (Is there a way to make it looking good ? So the user have the animation on the right side and on the left side the text will scroll with the animation and he can have all the text too).


If this is not possible I have an idea like


- Scrolling to the text, when the text end is near, the building start transitioning to the center so we only see the building when the text is finished


Or, if you have any other idea, don't hesitate :D


Thanks you a lot



See the Pen vYeJrNa by th-o-benoit (@th-o-benoit) on CodePen

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