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Finalize page transitions for a nuxt application

Tobija test
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I'm working on a vue / nuxt website. The scope is relatively small and I'm almost done with the project. But now I'm a bit stuck on the page transitions, as I have some difficulties in customizing them differently for desktop and mobile screen sizes and finding a clean and DRY approach for the transitions in general.

I'm looking for someone, who ideally has experience with nuxt page transitions. I have a couple of views and in each file, there is something like this:

transition: {
    name: 'spielplan',
    mode: '',
    enter(el, done) {
      // gsap.timeline here
    leave(el, done) {
      // gsap.timeline here


The idea is to finalize the project together. I'm very interested in using best practices and removing code redundancy (of which there is too much right now). I'm open to either a) getting advice to the point where I can do everything on my own b) pair programming c) just let a gsap expert do it (maybe my favorite). I'd suggest, that we start by explaining/discussing the situation together, so that we know the scope, and can decide, who will do what. I expect it to be a relatively small task for someone with experience in gsap (and maybe nuxt).



The initial consultation / discussion would be around 30-50$, after that, we can talk about the expected expenditure to finish the animation entirely and either decide on a compensation or leave it there (and I'll try to finish it on my own).


Please understand that it's a personal side project, and total cost should not be much more than 100$

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