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Are you good with GSAP/ScrollTrigger AND Oxygen Builder? Read me 🙂

Mattrudd test
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Hi there, thanks for reading!


I'm looking for some help to fix my code. I can get ScrollTrigger to work but I need some help to get it to work in Oxygen Builder. I also want to add Locomotive for a smooth-scroll effect.


I spent ages building my portfolio site with Divi Builder on Wordpress. I've used ScrollTrigger to get the effects I'm after. 

Then I realised Divi does not let you add the necessary container tags/IDs the scroll library (Locomotive) requires 😩


The structure works using Divi, as you can see here: https://matt-rudd.com/240418-2/

(I'm hoping to get a stripped-down version of this working as a Codepen, but having a few issues replicating it properly.) As a newbie to CSS, let alone JS and GSAP, I've struggled to get it this far... mainly by copying and pasting bits of code - from these forums (I'm grateful)!


I'd like to learn the full stack eventually but for now I need to get my portfolio finished so I can grow as a freelancer myself.


Challenge is - I've got my heart set on adding a smooth-scroll effect. So I've moved over to Oxygen Builder which does allow for Locomotive Scroll.


I'm not looking for a complete page design - just some help to get this code working.


Thanks for your time - please send me a DM with a quote if you're interested.








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