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Scaling in Place & moving waves/zigzag like waves/zigzag

Sandy Sameh test
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I am trying to make the circles Scale in place , as well as diamonds and the splaches but i don't quite get why does it come from the center and not in place. 

And i am also wondering how can i make the waves and zigzags move like the ones attached in the video.


One last question as a beginner in the GSAP world where do u guys recommend i start ? 


See the Pen oNwozOE by sandysameh (@sandysameh) on CodePen

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Hi Sandy!


You're animating <g> elements, so you're scaling a container. You need to get more granular and target the shapes. And I would set the transform origin ahead of time.


For example, your circles could be like this.


gsap.set("#circles circle", {
  transformOrigin: "50% 50%"


.from("#circles circle",{opacity:0,scale:0,duration:2})


But it would probably better to just give your circles the same class name to make target easier.

	<circle class="circles st6" cx="775.79" cy="197.35" r="5.81"/>
	<circle class="circles st6" cx="370.82" cy="55.65" r="5.81"/>
	<circle class="circles st7" cx="595.77" cy="70.42" r="5.81"/>


The zigzag could be done with the DrawSVGPlugin, or maybe by animating a clipPath.


For beginners, I would recommend checking out @PointC's MotionTricks and @Carl's CreativeCodingClub.


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