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Dragging and Dropping an SVG line

eranariel test
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I am new to gsap . 

How do I set the  SVG  to correspond with the path coordinates ? Extruding (drag/drop) the line/path to a new position is  constrained from view by the width and height of the <svg> . I would like to connect the line endings  (circle classes) to other elements as drag and drop. 


See the codepen link, and tons of thanks in advance! 


See the Pen mdmQOBX by aran-ariel (@aran-ariel) on CodePen

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On 8/7/2021 at 11:21 PM, OSUblake said:

/ old element._gsTransform.x // new gsap.getProperty(element, "x")


I have updated the code, however the line no longer appears . If I remove the TweenMax  script source,  the circles (endings) are no longer draggable, accordingly it is unclear where the code is referencing it.   If you could please have a look at the code, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!






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