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Job Opportunity - GSAP/React ScrollTrigger Related Issues

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We have a project built in Gatsby.js which is nearing completion and we're interested in hiring a freelancer to have a second look at a few issues that persist.  We have a page made up of sections and each section consists of many ScrollTriggers.  We have the individual animations looking quite good.  We're attempting to also integrated the ScrollToPlugin in order to snap the user between sections, which also works, but when animating the 'window' between section it is extremely choppy.  We've loaded the UMD distribution files, utilized several React hooks (useEffect, useLayoutEffect, useCallback).  We are trying to overwrite all tweens, kill all other tweens.  You name it, we've tried it --- the kicker is that it does work, almost beautifully, but as is, we cannot launch the site.  We also have a side navigation which makes use of the AnchorLink module.  We need to have this converted to ScrollToPlugin so that we can add an offset (currently the anchors break the animations and cause overlapping --- which is obvious, they are currently positioned where the other ScrollTriggers are positioned to pin).  Lastly, we're having issues with elements becoming visible that should not be, when resizing, refreshing.  We're invalidating the animations and killing all of the ScrollTriggers within our useEffects.  This one is not so simple to describe without seeing it.


We utilize Bitbucket so we could definitely give you access to the repository to have a look before you commit to anything.  If you'd like to jump on a phone call or chat via Slack --- or --- whatever works for you, let me know.


Even if you do not have the time to devote to the project and you think you know how to resolve these issues --- definitely message me because we can also just do a consultation.  We're quite capable, but we've tried everything we could think of.  We've also tried to post in the forum and have gotten lots of great help but the issues persists.  For us to really resolve the issues we need to provide a Codesandbox, and we have when possible, but it's just not feasible to build a distilled down version of this; there are far too many moving parts.


Timeframe: No timeframe, we can begin with a consultation.  I would like to speak with you as soon as possible though!  If we find that the scope is more than we can handle or you do have time to just jump in, you can estimate how much time you think will be required.


Compensation: Name your price; hourly or fixed



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Hello there, nice to talk to you,



I think I can help you a lot. My team and I recently worked on an entire project with ScrollTrigger integration using Gatsby.js and developed a pretty cool and sustainable system for creating multiple sections with ScrollTrigger in React. If you want we can make the first contact by email 🙂 



Jesus Paris

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