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A function to control the opacity of the element flowing on z-axis

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I'am trying to create an image gallery, where images flow on z-axis. I am able make image div to flow on z-axis using scrolltrigger. But what I wanted, was to control the opacity of div to go from 1 to 0 when the image div (class name as "square") is close to camera/ viewport (for this code it is z = 700)  so it will have a fade effect.

In short whenever any one of these five image div goes z = 700 the opacity should be 0 .


In style.css I've used perspective attribute for 3d perspective which will allow me to have images to flow on z-axis.


I got this idea from awwwards.com 

original concept for reference:   http://ab-architects.nextpage.agency/public/

 I am trying to create gallery like this but cant figure out how to control the opacity in between the timeline animation... any suggestions on how I could achieve this effect using timeline and keep the scrolltrigger.


Thanks in advance 

See the Pen vYmBmrg by dexterscode (@dexterscode) on CodePen

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