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@-Sign will destroy any Flextransformer-App

Boris test
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Hi Jack,

i found a curios bug in the FlexTransformer. If you add a @-Sign into a FlexTransformer-App, the whole behavior becomes strange.


If you want, i can send you an Demo-Project, that will demonstate this bug.


lg Boris

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fixed that issue in TransformManager.as:


/** @private **/
	private static function onKeyPress($e:KeyboardEvent):void {
           //DISABLE Alt Gr Keyboard-Input
		if ($e.keyCode == 17 || $e.keyCode == 18)

		_keysDown[$e.keyCode] = true;
           if ($e.keyCode == Keyboard.DELETE || $e.keyCode == Keyboard.BACKSPACE) {
           	_keyDispatcher.dispatchEvent(new KeyboardEvent("pressDelete"));
           } else if ($e.keyCode == Keyboard.SHIFT || $e.keyCode == Keyboard.CONTROL) {
           	_keyDispatcher.dispatchEvent(new KeyboardEvent("pressMultiSelectKey"));
           } else if($e.keyCode == Keyboard.UP || $e.keyCode == Keyboard.DOWN || $e.keyCode == Keyboard.LEFT || $e.keyCode == Keyboard.RIGHT) {
       		var kbe:KeyboardEvent = new KeyboardEvent("pressArrowKey", true, false, $e.charCode, $e.keyCode, $e.keyLocation, $e.ctrlKey, $e.altKey, $e.shiftKey);

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