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Hi everyone! I've just started out using ScrollTrigger and just trying to wrap my head around this one animation. I would greatly appreciate any help. So I have a main pinned element that scrubs through and animation in a timeline, after the animation ends I'd like the main intro element to remained pinned and the rest of the content to scroll on top. To this effect I've positioned the initial element as fixed. However, as you can see in the codepen demo, at the end of the timeline animation the first element abruptly translates down. Though it seems to be getting the translateY value from the "end" property, I don't completely understand why it doesn't just keep the value it had and if there's something in the animation that's having this effect.

See the Pen ExWxvzN by leode5a7 (@leode5a7) on CodePen

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Hey @leode5a7


That is probably because of a change of context for the position fixed when the pin is released.

I wouldn't recomment pinning fixed elements (usually that doesn't make much sense anyway).


Here's how you could go about that effect you described with the .splash section remaining postion relative.


Set up two ScrollTriggers; one that handles the animation for whatever amount of scroll you want, and one that only handles the pinning for the amount of the animation's ScrollTrigger's 'duration' plus the window's height. Additionaly you set a margin-top of -100vh to your .content and you should be good. Maybe something like this:


See the Pen 274c3f7a269a327db37dcd069fd6ed20 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen



On a different note: 

  • end: 600 is not a proper declaration for an end value. You probably want to use something like end: '+=600px" or 'top 600px'
  • also the ease you defined in your defaults is not valid - it should be 'power1.out' instead of 'power1.easeout'. But since that is the default ease applied by GSAP anyway, there is no actual need to define it as a default.


Hope this helps.



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