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Freelancer Needed to Complete GSAP Slider/Carousel Work

bartmc test
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I need a freelancer to help me finish a slider with an overlapping slide transition. You can see my work so far in this pen: 

See the Pen wvgXqeB by bartmc (@bartmc) on CodePen


The slider is based on Craig’s response in this post:



I need the slider auto-play forward and loop, with Next and Previous buttons functioning like this:


  1. I'd like the slider to loop forward automatically, but if the Next or Previous buttons are pressed, it should move forward (or backward) 1 slide and continue looping forward from there.
  2. I'd like the Previous button to decrement from the first slide to the last slide and continue decrementing from there. It’s glitchy decrementing from 1-3 back to 0, always going to slide 4 (the last slide in the array), if you’re on the second loop through the array. It won’t loop backwards past 0 at all.


Please DM me or send email to bart@bartmclaughlin.com if you're interested in this job. Thanks!


Bart McLaughlin


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  • bartmc changed the title to Freelancer Needed to Complete GSAP Slider/Carousel Work

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