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Render 3D animation after upload image

Marian DTS test
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I have this website ( https://tablouricanvas.ro/trimite-ne-o-fotografie ) with canvas paintings in Wordpress and I want to improve it on upload page. I just want this 3D animation like    after upload to render a 3D preview of the photo and have some distinct features such as mirrored wrap edges of the uploaded  photo, If possible something very similar as on the target website?



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Hey Marian DTS and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


This is definitely possible! I'd recommend using either WebGL or regular HTML + CSS depending on your needs and skillset. In either, your goal is pretty straightforward: create the basic 3D setup, allow the user to upload it, apply the image to the 3D setup using <img> or background-image in the case of HTML or as a texture in the case of WebGL, then add any lighting that you need.

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