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GSAP and Draggable conflicts?

glenn_pot test
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I'm running two completely separate functions and loading 4 libraries/plugins:






function #1 is uses the gsap.timeline tool 

function #2 is uses TweenLite, Draggable and ThrowPropsPlugin.


#1 works great if I comment out the TweenMax, Draggable and ThrowProps scripts.

#2 works great if I comment out the gsap.min.js script.


Is there some obvious reason why they won't work together?


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Thanks for the super quick reply @ZachSaucier.

This is the TweenMax, Draggable, ThrowProps portion of my code, which works but I guess now needs to be updated.

See the Pen NWRoJjp by glenn_pot (@glenn_pot) on CodePen


I read the guide you shared and swapped out TweenLite and TweenMax instances and I'm getting "Uncaught ReferenceError: Draggable is not defined"

See the Pen VwKRpYe by glenn_pot (@glenn_pot) on CodePen

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hmmm... seems okay to me. Maybe I didn't save when I reposted it. Should be alright now.


PS I made a slight adjustment to your update progress function. I seem to remember that GSAP 3 deprecated negative progress so I'm keeping it between 0—1 in the fork. 

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