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ScrollTrigger - Unable to animate element in bottom and out of top of page

sixtillnine test
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I'm trying to animate an element when it enters into the page, and animate it as it's about to leave - I'd like each to scrub (so the element disappears and reappears accordingly).


The entrance animation works on it's own, and the exit animation works on it's own - however when I apply the two the 'exit' animation doesn't work, it simply disappears.


Any ideas?



See the Pen QWKQxdw by sixtillnine (@sixtillnine) on CodePen

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Hey  @sixtillnine


Since you are using .from()-tweens, their states interfere due to how GSAP records things beforehand.


Simply adding immediateRender: false to your seccond tween resolves the issue


See the Pen 7d3132c93e3ef6e2c0539fdb2af1ad34 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen



You can read more about that in the docs

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