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Infinite Elements using GSAP

ebinabo test
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Hey ebinabo. First off, when creating edits of demos that you've posted in these forums, please make sure to use the "fork" button so that the previous version is retained. That way we have context. Right now your attempt is gone because you've been playing with things.


There are two ways to create this sort of effect: 

  1. Do it like the demo that you show does it: you duplicate the content and then use code similar to what you had originally. Just make sure the animation moves all the content but only goes to far enough to where the duplicate is in the exact position as the start - then loop.
  2. Use the modifiers plugin like Shrug suggested. In this case it'd be best to break up each line into its own element (perhaps SplitText would be helpful for that). Then use an approach similar to the one in this thread.
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