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Looping Slider

pOri_A test
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Hey pOri_A and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


We highly recommend that you upgrade to GSAP 3. The GSAP version that you're using is really old! GSAP 3 has a smaller file size, a sleeker API, and a bunch of new features. It's easy to upgrade, just follow the migration guide.


In terms of doing an infinite loop like that, you should check out this thread which covers the details of how to do this sort of thing:


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hey @mikel thanks for your clear example

but is there any way to use some stager before slider make move?

I used this cod before but with position: absolute  its not working 

var tl = gsap.timeline();

    .staggerTo(".box",1.5,{y:0} ,0.2,"-=0.4")


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thank you @mikel for your solution

can you help me with this problem??
Im looking for a way to mix this slider with scroll trigger when we scroll down slider move faster
i have try to do something like this but its not working and obviously its wrong.. 
can you help me how to use scroll trigger here with auto play slider

.to(no01,  {x: dirFromRight,
    modifiers: {
        x: x => mod(parseFloat(x)) + "px",

        start:'top top',
        end:'bottom center',
        scrub: 1
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hey @mikel I'm very glad that you spend your time for this issue

I update your cod to something like this

onUpdate: self => {
        if (self.direction > 0 ) {
            console.log("velocity: "+ self.getVelocity());
            let velo = self.getVelocity();
            let speed = velo*0.01;
            if (speed > 4){
                speed = 4;
            else if (speed < 1 ){
                speed = 1

            console.log("speed: "+ speed);

that try to move slider when scroll down but the problem is when I stop scrolling I want slider keep moving with minimum speed not last velocity 
I try to use this code but its not working

ScrollTrigger.addEventListener("scrollEnd", function() {


** And is there any way to make slider move Smother when we scroll down?

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