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Moving content and image on scroll

dev_jigar test
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Hello All,


I want something like this website. https://cuberto.com/

The section i want from above website is 

1 - is - moving text which is marquee type and moving when we scroll and slow when we hover

2- is - featured project section on scroll project changes with image and content


Is anybody having something examples or something similar ?

Please let me know. It would be very helpful.




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Hey Jigar, welcome to the GreenSock forums.


As for 1) this was already asked about:


As for 2, you need to use WebGL to create that sort of effect. It's a more complicated effect so you'll need to learn a lot before you can implement it. The WebGL section of Codrops can help get you started.

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Hey @dev_jigar and welcome.


A quick search on the forum posts for the keyword 'cuberto', reveals this thread as first result right after your thread:





Check out the conversation going on over there - it is about recreating that marquee-text-effect, you are after.

Might be helpful for you.






Seems, like I am definitely too slow for this forum 😅


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