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Scrolltrigger inside other pinned Scrolltrigger

Stephane Demotte test
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As you can see in the codepen.

I have a pinned gray section, inside a small timeline.


And i have an "orange" section. And i want to know when the "orange" section enter or leave the viewport.


With the "onEnter, onLeave etc..." everything works but when i put the orange section inside the pinned scrolltrigger, the "leave" event it's not "true"


It's hard to explain but if you check the codepen, you will understand (i hope) :)





See the Pen abNmBXo by stephanedemotte (@stephanedemotte) on CodePen

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Hey @Stephane Demotte


You want the 'leave' to fire on the orange box's leave-event?


In your example it probably doesn't work because you have set the height of the orange box to 100vh but the end of the ScrollTrigger is set to +=1000px


If you set that endpoint to


end: "+=" + (window.innerHeight)


in your code, it will resemble the 100vh of your orange box.


You should keep mobile devices in mind though with using heights as 100vh, since mobile browsers handle 100vh very different and your results may vary on each and every one of them.





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Oh, okay.


You could apply start end end values for the ScrollTrigger of that orange box then, depending on the "duration" of the other trigger


  trigger: '.orange',
  start: "top top",
  end: "bottom -=1000px",
  onEnter: onEnterOrange,
  onEnterBack: onEnterOrange,
  onLeave: onLeaveOrange,
  onLeaveBack: onLeaveOrange



Seems to work in my fork of your pen:


See the Pen 86c7c56a3195df10fd88c0f1015e7ae8 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen


Did I understand your question correctly this time around?


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Yep !


The problem can be solve like that. 


In my real scenario, the "orange box" it's a component, it can be embed anywhere in my application, in a pinned element or anywhere else.

So the "end" cannot be set. The orange box must be autonomous.


But i just need to be sur.


It's a normal rule from the gsap scrollTrigger plugin ?

If a scrolltrigger is inside another pinned scrolltrigger, so the end still the same ? Its not like IntersectionObserver ?


Thanks again @akapowl




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ScrollTrigger bases everything on the scroll positions. So the issue with nested pinned ScrollTriggers is that the positions reported are different than what they end up being (because of the pin). Thus you have to compensate for that. 


If all you're doing is wanting to know when something enters and leaves the viewport then you can use an intersection observer. It pairs great with ScrollTrigger :) 

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