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Have An Animation Animate Out 'onLeaveBack' with Scroll Trigger

emilychews test
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I have a pinned animation that also has an opacity animation on it. This all works OK when it animates in.

When I scroll to the onLeaveBack scroll position where the animated box disappears in preparation for it to start again onEnter it just snaps to opacity 0 with no animation.

Is it possible to animate this specific part of the process? So it disappears as smoothly as when it animates in? I did try doing this as a separate animation, but with the two sets of toggleActions it didn't seem possible?

In the CodePen you can see what I mean with the red box as it leaves the window at the bottom after you've scrolled down and then go back up again.

Many thanks

See the Pen QWymPPB by emilychews (@emilychews) on CodePen

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