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Need feedback on Pie Chart idea

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I plan on making a questionnaire that can be linked to a database, api or an array the user manually enters (lets say it's for recipes) which would animate a pie chart with GSAP each time a new selection was made, essentially sorting and excluding elements akin to narrowing your search results on Amazon. Also, the parameters could be set to provide results giving a percentage of the most likely/best option based on the choices similar to a "who are you most like" type quiz. Ideally, I plan on designing this to be modular and something someone could plug into their own project easily - fairly easily. 


Looking at some other forum topics it looks as if drawSVG and possibly morphSVG would be the way to go. I could build a random color generator as an option for the slices and have the radio/checkboxes linked to updating chart and list next to it.


I still need to figure out the JS portion if the pie chart is being used for a "who are you most like" type of use (I don't know the exact name) and how I would get everything into percentages, but I'll figure it out. Any pitfalls, issues or areas I might want to be aware of ahead of time? 

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