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How to make a wavy/floating animation on multiple elements

mado1 test
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Quick question though,

In your example you use


To target 

<circle  cx="50" cy="50"/>

<circle  cx="100" cy="80"/>


How can I target only circles that have a class or id? for example:
<circle id="circleS" cx="100" cy="80"/>
<circle id="circleS" cx="200" cy="120"/>
<circle  cx="300" cy="50"/>
<circle  cx="300" cy="130"/>
<circle  cx="250" cy="100"/>


Never mind, just add #circle to utils.toArray("circle")

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Hey MADO1,


Take a close look at the code: the key is the tweenProperty function, which generates an individual, randomized tween (for all props plus duration and delay) for each target and that in a loop (onComplete: tweenProperty), each time with new ones min / max values.

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