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tweenmax opacity not working, but x and y are fine?

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I am in the middle of an Adobe Animate for canvas project, and have just started introducing GSAP tweens to it.


I want to change the opacity of an object with gsap, but it's not happening. Just to test, I also tweened its x position and that worked fine. So I have:


TweenMax.to(screen1.hotSpot1, 1, {

... the change to x works fine, but the opacity stays at 1.


In Chrome console it reports a problem "Invalid property opacity set to 0.2 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()"


I added gsap using the cdn link from gsap website - https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/3.2.4/gsap.min.js


I also tried adding a few of the plugins but that made no difference.




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