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Zoom Out from a specific point of an object

bootstrap007 test
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As you can see in the CodePen demo the red color box is doing a zooming out animation. Is there a way to do that the yellow circle's size should be 100% of the screen when the page load and then it zoom out to the actual size of the red box ?  And also, the zoom out animation should start from the yellow circle.



Thanks in Advance.


See the Pen GRJgNxz by bootstrap007 (@bootstrap007) on CodePen

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Hey bootstrap. Thanks for the demo.


I'm not understanding exactly the effect that you're wanting. 100% of the screen meaning inscribed inside of the viewport? or covering it completely so that you can't see red?


And what do you mean "the zoom out animation should start form the yellow circle"?


Maybe diagrams would be helpful in this case.

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