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Hello Everyone!


I'm a musician developing a website that will showcase the music I record and I finally finished the animated grid that will house the individual songs. Here is a short little video clip of what I've got so far: https://youtu.be/A1_vvNTHCCUAll the graphics and logos are rough sketches by me but will be professionally done ultimately. The behavior is 99% exactly the way I want but I'm concerned about the implementation. I'm looking to hire a javascript/GSAP expert to look at my code and refactor it as necessary to make it as efficient and fast as possible. Because I'm so new to programming in general, I'm sure there is a better, faster, more efficient way to accomplish all that, I just feel like it's probably gonna take me another year of studying before I know enough to nail it down.  If anyone is interested please send me a message. My budget is really whatever it takes to get top notch work, within reason of course. My main priority is getting the best possible implementation of this concept for this site project and also learning along the way. Thanks for y'alls help!




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