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Hiring a full-time animator / web dev in Minneapolis

jessegavin test
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Our company is in the digital signage business. We sell engaging motion graphics content to companies with large numbers of digital signs (airports, waiting rooms, banks, etc).


We have a LOT of projects in the queue for the next few years and are looking for an experienced GreenSock animator (and web developer) to join our team in Minneapolis.


Salary range is $60k - $90k + perks and benefits (but is negotiable depending on experience).


Please read about the position here: https://www.screenfeed.com/careers/front-end-developer


We are only looking for people who


  • Have demonstrable GreenSock experience.
  • Live in (or are planning to move to) Minneapolis, MN USA. Please don't apply if you're looking to work remotely.
  • Have some web application development experience.
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On 10/4/2018 at 3:14 PM, jessegavin said:

Not because of the forum.  We had some pretty strict "Must live near Minneapolis" requirements, so that limits things a lot.


Hi @jessegavin, I know this is an older thread, but I just happen to be checking up on the Jobs & Freelance forum. I'm compiling a bit of data on the why and what of hiring & contracting in our world of web dev. So, that leads to my question ... in the case of Screenfeed, what is/was the driving factor in requiring the position to be onsite (or very close to)?



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