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Hiring a GSAP freelance for a Website's Hero Banner

rets85 test
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We're looking for a developer to create a hero image similar to this one:



Complete with the stars and the static image (a girl in this case).


Please send price quotes to omer@emojo.co.il




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Hey there rets85,


I've been building ad banners for over a decade and it still butters my bread. You can see all my work on my now outdated website when you like: mediagarbage.com - just go to the portfolio and click on any of the ad tiles there you can see my work. I am fast, easy to communicate with, I use native methods and not plugins, and I am familiar with all the different media serving platforms like Doubleclick Studio and Sizmek etc. I currently handle all of the digital display work for Sotheby's International Realty globally as well as all of PBS programming domestically and in England. I really like the work you showed as an example and would be interested to take that project on. I already know pretty much how I would tackle it. I will email you directly about my quote. Thank you!

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While you have hopefully already filled this position/need, I would also like to reach out as a possible future freelance candidate. I have been programming video games, websites, and banners in Flash for a decade+, and HTML/CSS/Javascript increasingly for the past 5 years. I just released my demonstration site this morning (Sept, 25th, 2018) with banner animation examples. Naturally, this translates to websites as well.  Thanks for viewing.


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