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DataLoader Error #2048

BladePoint test
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When I test my Flash in Flash Professional (by pressing ctrl + enter) everything works fine, but when I try to play the SWF embedded in a local .html file or in a standalone player, I get the DataLoader Error #2048. It seems that has something to do with security permissions.


I'm using a DataLoader to download a binary that I uploaded to my sites.google.com account. I was hoping to use that as a host for some data that my Flash will download when necessary. Is that not possible to do unless I'm the owner of the webhost so I can set my own permissions?



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Yeah that sounds like a fairly common issue when loading data from domains you do not control.

1 method I used many years ago was to host a proxy script on a server you do control that then requests data from the other server, in this case google.


you can read a bit about it here:http://www.snorkl.tv/2011/04/get-data-into-flash-from-other-domains-with-crossdomain-xml-or-php-proxy-script/

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Thanks, that's an interesting read! But I'm hoping that my SWF will get spread around the internet like wildfire instead of people only accessing it through my website. In that case, it seems I have to host the data on my own server so I can set permission for the data to be accessed from anywhere, correct?

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