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Teetering effect in a slide (with rotation at base)

bluntcoder test
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Hey everyone,


Image you have a cartoony chess game. And you're sliding the queen from one end of the board to the other. I want to add a teetering effect, with the piece pivots on it's base a bit to begin it's slide, and then teeters in the other direction when it ends. 


 I have the pivot centre at the bottom center, but I can't seem to find an elegant way to pivot back and forth. So what I've done is:

var maxTilt:Number = 10; // degrees
var slide:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite( { autoDispose:true } );
slide.add(TweenMax.to(obj, DURATION / 4, { rotation: -maxTilt} ));
slide.add(TweenMax.to(obj, DURATION / 2, { rotation: maxTilt } ));
slide.add(TweenMax.to(obj, slide.add(TweenMax.to(obj, DURATION, { startAt: { x:from.x, y:from.y }, x:to.x, y:to.y, ease: Back.easeInOut.config(1.0) } ), 0);
			DURATION / 4, { rotation: 0} ));

Problem is the nice ease effects can't be transitioned between the tils. Is the best way to do this? I hope not.


Thank you!


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Kind of tough to know exactly what is happening without seeing it. But, yes to get those very subtle effects it just sometimes takes a lot of experimenting with the timing and eases. You may even need a few more tweens that rotate to different values to make it look like its wobbling less over time.


Another idea is to try an Elastic ease.

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