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Curious why it is labelled as archive? Are you not doing any further development of Greensock for Flash ?


Flash now Animate CC is still a very viable tool for app development. I do both HTML5 and AIR apps for mobile. AIR is by far my favourite. 


Just curious why not just have 2 categories instead of giving so little presence to the Flash version?  It makes it seem like you arent supporting it anymore... which would be a shame.

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Yes this forum is archived as very little activity occurs any more. The HTML5 forums get a dozen or so conversations a day and we get maybe 1 post a week here.

We will still answer questions when they come up but we are keeping this forum around mostly so that folks can search it when need be. 


We haven't touched the Flash / ActionScript codebase in about 3 years and we have no plans to create anything new for ActionScript. Animate may still be great at creating AIR apps but that market is so small that we can't justify allocating any resources there. 


We are very excited about Animate CC's advancements in HTML5 export. Things are looking good and we've seen a lot of buzz. We are thrilled to see a new breed of developers using our HTML5 tools in Animate just like we  did with Flash, the only difference being the export to HTML5 <canvas>. We will soon be releasing an article going over some of the steps to setup a good GSAP / Animate workflow. Questions about using Animate and GSAP for HTML5 can be asked in the HTML5 GSAP forum. 



It was tough to see the usefulness of the swf tank but the market demanded a shift to HTML5 and we are very happy to serving those needs. 




ps - sorry for the delayed response. there was a problem with our notification system the last 2 days.

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I feel like there is still nothing that does what Animate/Flash does as well as it did 5 years ago.  


Everyone hated flash because Adobe dropped the ball, but it remains a hidden gem for certain applications, AIR's workflow for mobile is unmatched.  


Just because people abandoned it, doesn't make them right!


People should reconsider.

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