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I Want To Load SWF Files Like Angry Birds !!!

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Hi everyone and good morning... it's morning in my country! Pretty sure that everyone of you guys had played Angry Birds before... This game has a menu consisted of some boxes... You can't have access to next box whether you completed the previous one...Actually next boxes are locked; till you have completed previous one... (attached image)

Now consider these boxes as buttons that load SWF files. When loaded SWF file reach its last frame it shows an "unlocked next box" and then save this situation. I want to create such a complex menu, but as I'm new to as3 and LoaderMax I NEED SOME HELP PLEASE >>>


Problem 1: SWF files that should be load are not created with adobe flash


Problem 2: How To Detect Last Frame of Loaded SWF File in LoaderMax? Maybe if I Can Trace That it is reached the last frame I can solve this ...


Any Any Any Suggestions are EXTREMELY appreciated...Thanks a lot


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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


I really don't know what problems you can expect loading swfs that weren't created using Flash.


As for detecting when a loaded swf is done playing, that isn't a responsibility of LoaderMax.

You can write ENTER_FRAME handler though that checks to see if the swf that is currently playing has its playhead on the last frame by checking if the swfs currentFrame is equal to its totalFrames

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, trackSWFPlayback);

function trackSWFPlayback(e:Event):void {

//detect if the loaded swf is on the last frame

if (currentLoader.rawContent.currentFrame == currentLoader.rawContent.totalFrames) {

trace("swf done");

//hide and stop current swf
currentLoader.content.visible = false;


        //set up and play the next swf



That code is from a demo I made many years ago that uses LoaderMax to load 4 swf files and play them in sequence. When a swf reaches it's last frame it tells the next swf to play. 

I have attached those files so that you can see this in action.







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