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Maximum number of files

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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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10 files is the limit, though you should try to stay under that.  Best way to do this is through the use of image sprites and minify/combining code files.  At BannerWave we typically use 1-2 image sprites ( transparent png, and/or opaque jpg ) and minify all our code.


Hopefully that information is helpful.

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Is this number of files limit a US only thing? I have looked around several times and never seem to find it.


For all my digging around in AdWords (Google's standard ad platform as far as I know) I can only find this, and there is no mention of maximum number of files.


If anybody has a link to the correct documentation, please share. It's always best to have a link to the official specifications.

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The answer is it depends. DCM can be regular or Enhanced banners. As far as I know all DCM users were upgraded to Enhanced for free, because there was no way HTML5 could stay at or below 40k. AdOps just has to book as Enhanced. Our AdOps person had never done Enhanced. So I sent her the link explaining how to do it. I have to make banners for 11 different logos per size so having logo.pngs in my images folder I am not calling makes my lifting less heavy.


Our DC contact for the transition said : "RM means anything that you can interact with, is dynamic, or has special functionality like floating/expanding. If these are just in page ads built in HTML5, DCM supports uploading multiple files (up to 100) for a creative.


I asked about including the extra logos, (bending the rules) sent him my zip, and his response was, it just has to be booked as Enhanced.




Extra features in enhanced banners

  • Click tag reporting: You can add reporting labels for enhanced banner click tags in DCM. This way you can view clicks on each exit in your Flash and HTML5 assets. Only enhanced banners allow DCM users to add click tag reporting labels for these assets. You can also add reporting labels for your backup asset; flash in-page and HTML5 banners do not allow backup asset reporting labels, but enhanced banners do. Note that for enhanced banner creatives, click tags are only used if you do not specify a click-through URL at the ad level.

  • Unlimited file size for assets: Each DCM account has a file size limit for assets in your creatives. Unlike other creative types, enhanced banner creatives impose no limit.

  • Polite load: Automatically add a polite load asset in DCM. This asset appears if there is a delay in loading your primary assets.

  • Mixed modes (Flash and HTML5): If you upload both Flash and HTML5, the creative automatically delivers Flash whenever a user's browser can't handle HTML5.

  • HTML5 benefits: If your creative uses HTML5, it can benefit from HTML5 features, such as flexible dimensions and support across most browsers and mobile device types.

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