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Need to publish to Flash Player 10.1 … ugh

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It seems that several ad networks require SWF in version 10.1. Apparently some analysis tool they use erroneously states SWFs published as 10.3+ as version 12. Then they deny these files on their network. Yay.


First I used this hack to allow Flash Pro CC to output 10.1. I am using AS3 & Timelinelite. When attempting to publish I get this error:


1172: Definition __AS3__.vec.Vector could not be found.


Is there an earlier version of GSAP available to download (say v11) or am I forced to recreate these using AS2? 


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Are you using Vector in your code or another library?

We don't use Vector in GSAP for that exact reason. 

I just tested TimelineLite code using latest GSAP AS3 in CS6 and exported to Flash Player 9. No problems.


If you want to zip a simple test we will look at it, but I'm doubtful that error is coming from our libary.

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Thanks for the file


I'd suggest exporting to Flash Player 9 with Flash CS6. I didn't see any errors.


I'm sorry but there is little we can do to try to chase down an issue that arises in a  third party "hack" that enables you to export to a version of Flash Player that Adobe doesn't even support in release versions of Flash CS6 or Flash CC.


Can you produce a screengrab that shows what line of what file (or class) inside GSAP  that this error is coming from?

The error info you supplied doesn't do much to help us track it down.


I did a quick google for "Definition __AS3__.vec.Vector could not be found." and it doesn't seem like this is caused by valid ActionScript... more like a compiler issue in Flash / Flash Builder.

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