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Can we make games like these and how

jinisner test
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can we make games like these using AS3 and GreenSock?




also what licenses do we need to purchase for that



If your game is free to play for the end user you do not need a license. If you are selling your game or access to your game to multiple end users then you will need a Business Green Account. Learn more about licensing here: http://www.greensock.com/licensing/


As for making games with GreenSock Animation Platform, since GSAP is a powerful animation engine it can be a big part of any game experience. Unfortunately there is much more to game building than animation. You will need a solid understanding of core programming concepts like conditional logic, loops, custom functions, and asset loading just to name a few. 


There are lots of resources out there that show you clever ways of using GSAP:






But as far as making a game from start to finish, we really don't provide that type of support here.  For more general ActionScript training I would strongly recommend you start with this site:




And look at the tutorials under "ActionScript Basics".


Download the free / public of version of GSAP (big button on the upper left) and start with some tweening basics and experiment with how it can be used.

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