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GreenSock’s standard "No Charge" license is very permissive (it even covers most commercial uses), but "Business" members get a comprehensive commercial license plus time-saving bonus plugins and tools. Why isn't GreenSock MIT-licensed? Find out here.

Our paid license is only necessary in projects that you sell to multiple end users. That's it. Even if you charge your client a million dollars for whatever you create for them, it's fine to use GreenSock tools under the standard license as long as it's a one-off project.

Benefits ✨

Most developers find that GSAP’s workflow features alone save them so much time that the license pays for itself literally in a matter of days. After factoring in the bonus plugins and the performance boost, the expense quickly turns into profit.

You will need a license if

any of these apply...

Your site or product requires a fee to use or join.

Examples:,, - E-commerce sites with paid members only areas that use GSAP

You use GSAP in a game, product or themes that is sold to multiple end users

Examples : Banner ads, Theme templates sold on Creative Market, paid Webflow Cloneables

Your game or app is paid or uses micro-transactions for optional features/upgrades

An example of a micro-transaction is when a user can optionally pay to unlock a certain feature in a free game/app, or a gambling site where the user can technically visit for free, but they may choose to pay to place bets or play games.

Covered by the "no-charge" license

Usage in 100% free apps, games, sites, and other software even if you charge a fee to develop these products

This includes most websites created for commercial purposes. Marketing sites, advertising, internal sites and tools, promotional web sites, free software, and pretty much everything that isn't sold to multiple end users.

Distribution of GSAP files as a part of your Work Product

Even in open source projects, as long as you leave the source files unedited and recognize that the GSAP files are subject to their own license. Only Business members can distribute the members-only bonus plugins (like InertiaPlugin), and solely to be used as a part of their Work Product.

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Join Club GSAP at the 'Business' level to snag your commercial license and all the bonus plugins today!

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Enterprise Level


Enterprise We realize that some legal departments can be quite picky and enterprise institutions have a unique set of needs, so if our standard "Business" license isn't quite what you need, check out our Enterprise Licensing page

Still unsure?

Pop us a message and we'll let you know if you need a license.

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