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Vidoe walkthrough

Before jumping into Club GSAP for the bonus plugins, perhaps you're wondering...

  • Will the bonus plugins work well for my project?
  • How difficult is the API to work with?
  • Will they play nicely with my other tools?
  • Will they work in Edge? Firefox? ...

That's why we created special trial versions of the plugins that can be used for free

On CodePen

CodePen is an online, browser-based editor that makes it easy to write and share front-end code. If you need help using CodePen check out their guide


On StackBlitz

If you're using React or another framework you may find it easier to use StackBlitz

Check out the StackBlitz Collections here

React & ScrollSmoother starter

Locally with npm

If you like working locally, you can make use of our trial package. The trial package contains the public GSAP files plus all bonus plugins which are normally available exclusively to Club GSAP members.

To use the trial package simply install gsap-trial instead of the standard gsap package.

npm install gsap-trial
import { gsap } from "gsap-trial";

/* The following plugins are Club GSAP perks */
import { ScrollSmoother } from "gsap-trial/ScrollSmoother";
import { MorphSVGPlugin } from "gsap-trial/MorphSVGPlugin";


The trial plugins only work locally and on certain approved domains like,,, and Deploying them elsewhere violates the license and will result in a browser redirect!

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