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Avoiding FOUC

Have you ever noticed an annoying "flash of unstyled content" (FOUC) when a web page first loads? That happens because browsers render things as quickly as possible, often BEFORE your JavaScript executes the first time. So what if some of your initial styles are set via with GSAP?

Solution: apply visibility: hidden; to your elements in CSS and then use GSAP's autoAlpha property to show it (or animate it in) when the page loads. autoAlpha affects opacity and visibility, changing it to visible when the opacity is greater than 0. Pretty convenient!

Video Walkthrough

Check out this video from the "GSAP 3 Express" course by - one of the best ways to learn the basics of GSAP 3:


To make sure it works in browsers that don't have JavaScript enabled, you can undo the hiding inside of <noscript> tags.