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ScrollTrigger.update( )

Checks where the scrollbar is and updates all ScrollTrigger instances' progress and direction values accordingly, controls the animation (if necessary) and fires the appropriate callbacks.


Performs the following actions for ALL ScrollTrigger instances:

  • Checks the location of the scrollbar and updates each ScrollTrigger's progress and direction values accordingly.
  • Controls the linked animation (if necessary).
  • Fires the appropriate callbacks like onEnter, onToggle, onUpdate, etc.

ScrollTrigger.update() does NOT recalculate the start/end positions according to any DOM changes you've made. That's what ScrollTrigger.refresh() is for.

When should I use ScrollTrigger.update()?

Almost never. The only time it's useful is if you need to force the ScrollTriggers to update their progress/animations but that typically happens automatically with every "scroll" event. If you're running into problems with things getting triggered at the wrong places due to DOM changes/resizes, see ScrollTrigger.refresh()