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ScrollTrigger.removeEventListener( type:String, callback:Function ) : null

Removes an event listener


  • type: String

    The type of listener which can be "scrollStart", "scrollEnd", "refreshInit", or "refresh".

  • callback: Function

    The callback that should be removed as a listener


Removes a listener that had previously been added for any of the following events:

  • "scrollStart" - when any ScrollTrigger-related scroller begins scrolling
  • "scrollEnd" - when any ScrollTrigger-related scroller stops scrolling (when roughly 200ms elapses since the last "scroll" event AND the user doesn't have a pointer/mouse pressed on the document/scrollbar)
  • "refreshInit" - typically just after a resize occurs and BEFORE ScrollTrigger does all of its recalculating of start/end values in the [new] document flow. This will also happen when you call ScrollTrigger.refresh() directly.
  • "refresh" - immediately after ScrollTrigger finishes all of its recalculations of start/end values when a refresh occurs (typically after a resize event or when ScrollTrigger.refresh() is called directly).


ScrollTrigger.removeEventListener("scrollEnd", yourFunction);