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.getTween( snap:Boolean ) : Tween

Returns the scrub tween (default) or the snapping tween (getTween(true))


  • snap: Boolean

    If true, the current snap tween will be returned (if snapping is in-progress) instead of the scrub tween.

Returns : Tween

The scrub (or snap) Tween instance


Returns the **scrub** tween (default) which is what gradually makes the animation catch up with the scrollbar position. Or if you call getTween(true), the **snap** Tween will be returned instead (if there's a snap in-progress). This allows you to, for example, force the scrub or snap to its end or kill it, like:

let st = ScrollTrigger.create({
animation: myTween,
scrub: 1,
trigger: ".panel-1",

// then later...
st.getTween().progress(1); // force the scrub to its end to make it catch up with the current scroll position immediately

Or to interrupt a snap...

let anim =, {
x: () => (panels.length - 1) * window.innerWidth,
scrollTrigger: {
trigger: ".container",
snap: 1 / (panels.length - 1),
pin: true,
end: "+=3000",

// then later...
let snap = anim.scrollTrigger.getTween(true);
if (snap) {
snap.progress(1).kill(); // force the snap to its end and kill it

Obviously this is only helpful if a scrub or snap value is defined when you set up your ScrollTrigger.